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The best improvement that can be made to any motorcycle is when the rider learns a little more about how to ride it.

If you own and ride a motorcycle then you are probably still learning how to get the best from it. I believe that learning experience is the most rewarding part of the ride.

A rider may believe their skills have peaked and there is nothing more to learn. If a motorcycle rider is not learning and developing then their skills have reached a plateau, never the peak. There is always more.

here’s what you can expect

As a coach, I understand that all of my clients are individuals with different experiences, different ways of learning and different expectations and aspirations. It is important to me that I meet your requirements.

When you book a course with Zen School of Motorcycling, I will consult with you to assess your abilities and your needs and to design a course tailored especially for you.

The course curriculum is flexible and dynamic. it is determined by the pre-ride consultation with you, your chosen aims and objectives, your current riding abilities and your ability to learn and develop as the course progresses.

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Skills and techniques


The skills and techniques that a course with Zen School of Motorcycling can help you develop include:

• Road-craft (observation, analysis and safe progress);
• Cornering (understanding how you can help your bike to corner);
• Braking (how to safely use your brakes with greater effect);
• Slow Machine Control (precision control is easier than it looks and we can teach you how);

Your confidence will also improve, which in itself will improve your ride.

And, of course, we believe that your safety and your ability to avoid hazards will improve as well.

fun is an important part of biking and we promise to not forget that.




I believe that people have the potential to solve any problems they may be faced with. We are living at a time in human evolution when we have the ability to use, adapt and invent amazing new technologies. Riding a motorcycle should be a relatively simple skill to master. With enough self-awareness; the ability to reflect upon and question your own actions; to adapt and change when needed and; of course, given enough time, I’m sure that a rider can teach themselves to ride to a very high standard. I believe you have that potential. However, we learn by our mistakes and the hard knocks can hurt, badly! My function, as a coach, is to safely guide you along your own problem solving journey; encouraging you to analyse, assess and adapt by asking you pertenant questions at relevant points during the coaching session. Nothing makes a lesson more valuable and gives you more clarity of understanding than when you’ve worked out the answers for yourself. I CAN HELP YOU FIND THOSE ANSWERS

About the Coach


My name is Keith Dunn and I have over 40 years of motorcycling experience; owning and riding all sorts of different machines. My early years in the saddle were mainly self-taught and, as well as good experience, there were also plenty of tough lessons from hard-knocks.

However, 20 years ago I experienced my first professional motorcycle training course; this opened my eyes to the benefits that can be gained from professional motorcycle training and gave me the inspiration to become an advanced riding instructor/coach. Since then I’ve tried to constantly develop my skills and knowledge through further training courses.  I always use the best of my knowledge and current practice to help my students. My aim is to enable others to enjoy the fun of motorcycling safely and with great skill.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have learnt from some of the best motorcycle instructors in the business such as the Hopp Rider Training (HRT) Team, who were formed from senior members of the British team of Nurburgring motorcycle instructors. After several years of participating in HRT’s excellent “Better Riding Day” courses at Cadwell Park, I am very proud to be one of the instructors on HRT’s current team.

I am a full-time professional fire-fighter with Essex County Fire & Rescue Service and as well as working as a watch member on station, I’m also a Senior FireBike Rider. The FireBike Team may be seen interacting with motorcyclists during the riding season, promoting Road-Safety messages at local bikers’ meeting places.
The FireBike Team provide Better Biking Courses and also work in partnership with the BikeSafe Team; providing qualified advanced instructors to help with the popular BikeSafe courses.
I was very happy to arrange the colaboration between Hopp Rider Training and the FireBike Team in order to provide their Advanced Machine Skills courses on Wethersfield Airfield. The FireBike Team are also beginning to gain recognition as the leading Motorcycle Road Safety Representatives on Essex County Council’s Road Safety Partnership.
I am proud to have been one of the original team who launched and developed the FireBike concept in Essex.

As a holder of RoSPA’s highly regarded National Diploma in Advanced Motorcycling Instruction, I am qualified to teach any post-test motorcyclists, from a newly qualified rider who wants to gain more confidence and skill, to an advanced rider who wishes to become an advanced instructor.
I have also studied and gained a City & Guilds Level 3 Award – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. This has enabled me to teach adults professionally using contemporary teaching methods.

Recently, I have found renewed inspiration in the new skill of Coaching and I am studying and practising hard in order to become the best coach that I can be.

Relevant Teaching Qualifications:
• RoSPA: National Diploma in Advanced Motorcycling Instruction.
• City & Guilds: Level 3 – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. (PTTLLS)

Professional and affordable.

There are no hidden costs. My rates are £30 per hour. Most of my clients book a 5 hours at a time (£150). This is my recommendation, as it is enough time to get a beneficial result in one day but not too long, as riding and learning can be very tiring for some people. Courses may be longer or shorter to suit your requirements. 

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